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About Snapbox
1. What is Snapbox

Snapbox is a website where users can get various kind of photo gifts, get existing images modified at the exact point of result displayed on webpage.

Well, ofcourse yes. Our artists use digital pen which gives a real paint effect and it gives a very real image output.

Yes but we do not recommend for group photos, as they look better in their natural way. Single, couple or three persons images are recommended for best results.

We accept JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF and image size should not less than 800 kb

We mentioned minimum 100 images required... Yes minimum 100 images required. If you have collection of more than 100 images we accept till 350.

You can do selection of photos and upload them on google photos. Create a folder and share its link. This is so simple.

Most importantly dont send similar images (same dress / same location). It may create a linear pattern and wont look pretty good after editing.


We ship all over India.

Returns / Cancellation / Refunds

In case of damaged of received products, we do accept returns.

You can also cancel your order in between as long as artists dont start your work yet. We'll initiate refund in those cases.


Does snapbox save my personal information?

Snapbox does save you information like your name, email, mobile number to update you about our new and upcoming products.

Does snapbox uploads my pictures on website / internet?

We upload images with your permission only. We oftenly run happy customers campaign where we upload their edited art work.

Without permission we dont share or upload any image...